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Project 2074 is an initiative of the Foundation Preparation Rebuilding the Nave of the Dom Cathedral.

Utrecht wants to rebuild the nave of the Dom Cathedral
In the Dom Square in Utrecht stands a great gothic cathedral, the Dom Church. At least, part of it is still there. Where once the nave of the church stretched out toward the Dom Tower, there is now only a wide, empty space. In 1674 a tornado wrought enormous destruction in the city of Utrecht. The nave of the Dom Cathedral collapsed. Fortunately, the imposing Dom Tower was saved, but Utrecht was wounded in its very heart. It took until 1826 before the remains were removed and the square cleaned up. Nowadays, black stones mark the places where the walls and pillars stood. A drawing by Pieter Saenredam from 1636 shows how impressive the interior of the cathedral once was.

A medieval construction site at the Dom Square
The promotors of Project 2074 plan to rebuild the nave of the Dom Cathedral in medieval fashion: with a historic building site, ancient techniques, original materials and pure manpower at a historically accurate tempo. The building activities will keep pace with donations from citizens, visitors, businesses, institutions and funds. The construction site will not be a hectic, noisy and restricted area but a splendid, inspiring place where the tranquility of a different living rhythm prevails, where historic challenges and telling tales revive. The completion of the nave is planned for 2074, 400 years after it collapsed.

Project 2074 is an ambitious plan with a multidimensional allure: economic and touristic, religious and cultural, sustainable and educational, historical and future-oriented. Reconstruction aims for more than the restoration of the church to its full glory; it offers opportunities for education, science, cultural tourism, employment and interconnection.

Rebuilding the nave connects more than church and tower...
... it connects the community. The way it did centuries ago and the way it still does in the 21st century. It enhances and deepens the connection and pride of Utrecht’s inhabitants with their city. Rebuilding the cathedral will add to the Dom Square being a cultural hotspot and Utrecht an even more attractive city to visit.


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